Kryptic World Tour Invades Cinevent

Cinevent Banner

There is an old fashion movie memorbilia show that has been running since the late ’60s, called Cinevent. This is not like modern day conventions because there are no celebrities here. It is just about the memorbilia and keeping old movies alive and well. It is not a horror show, but of all genres. They screen old movies throughout the entire weekend, so it really is about the movies. The only money exchanging hands here besides paying to get in, is in the dealer room. So it will be a nice change of pace then some of the other shows that we do on a regular basis.

We had a dealer table there back in the ’90s when we were selling VHS tapes and did okay, but not really the crowd for us back then. But now, we are making our return and see how we will do now. We’re hoping that our selection of reference books will do well. Maybe..maybe not. But we’re willing to give it a try and see how it goes. If we have a  good time, maybe we’ll make this stop a regular on the Kryptic World Tour!

So if you’re in the Columbus area, the show is taking place on from Thursday, June 2nd to Sunday the 5th. We won’t be there until Friday though. For all the information about the show, just click HERE to get to their website. Hope to see you there.

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