Rosso Sangue on CD? This is Absurd!

Rosso Sangue CDYeah, I know…pretty bad joke. But I have to say that it amazes me more and more the soundtrack titles that are getting released these days. Some of the most obscure and cult titles are getting a grand treatment now, thanks to companies like Beat Records, who has chosen to release Carlo Maria Cordio’s score for Joe D’Amato’s Rosso Sangue, which is also known as Anthropophagus 2, Monster Hunter, Horrible, and about a dozen other titles.

But the real joy for these kind of releases is that it gets this music out to the fans. These composers were not just throwing notes together for a quick and cheap movie, but really trying to make good and effective soundtracks. And that should be celebrated and remembered. And thanks to Beat Records, we can.

But this is just the beginning! Beat Records, along with Nocturno Cinema, will be paying homage to Joe D’Amato and his films and this is just the first in a new series! One can only imagine (and hope) at some of the titles they could be releasing in the future. Definitely something to look forward to. This release has a 12-page booklet with liner notes by Manlio Gomarasca, and original artwork by Andrea Clanetti.

To order this, you can get it directly from Beat Records HERE, which is located in Italy, or you can order it here in the states from Screen Archives HERE.

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