Beware the Moon…But Buy the Book!

Okay American Werewolf fans, listen up! I’m sure we all remember the great documentary called Beware the Moon (2009), that was written and directed by Paul Davis. Well now Davies has turned that documentary into book form, with a lot more added to it!

Beware of the Moon Ad.jpg

This hardcover book will feature 300 behind the scene photos, many of them never before published, along with interviews with 35 different members of the cast and crew, with material that was not included in the documentary. There is also a forward by Mick Garris, and with cover art by the acclaimed artist Graham Humphreys. The first 1000 copies will be numbered and signed by the author. The price for this bad boy, in the USA, it going to set you back a little less than $60. Yes, a bit pricy. But you are talking about a limited edition beautiful looking hardcover on one of the best horror films ever made.

Pre-orders are being taken now and the book is expected to ship in August.

Now while on the subject, this same company is also putting out a book on the original Return of the Living Dead, called 245 Trioxin: The Story of Return of the Living Dead. Now this one is a little different since this sort of was already a book. Let me explain….back in 2010, authors Gary Smart and Christian Sellers wrote The Complete History of Return of the Living Dead, which is an amazing book, which was close to 300 pages of information covering all five of the films in the RotLD series. The following year, they would write the documentary More Brains!

But now, they have taken the information from that book, and re-written it but now only focusing on the first film. It does have new interviews, 100 new behind the scene photos, as well as new cover art by Graham Humphreys as well.The price for this one is around $55 and should be shipping now.

245 trioxin

So you have to think, especially if you have the first book, is this worth the investment. This one is a tough call, since it is only about the first film, but it does sound like it has plenty of more info about the original movie. But it is an amazingly looking hardcover edition….

For more information about both of these books, head over to Cult Screenings UK Ltd. by clicking HERE.

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