Mystery Photo 4-18

Monday, Monday. It’s that time again, folks. Hopefully our little photo trivia is something that brightens your day and makes it one reason to look forward to the start fo the week. Or not.

Our last photo was from the film Crypt of the Living Dead, aka Young Hannah, Queen of the Vampires, and a few other titles. This one stars Andrew Prine, so right there is enough reason to watch it. At least, enough reason for me. For me, anything with Prine in it is worth your time. Kudos to Hoby Abernathy and Erik Martin for sending in the correct answer this time out.

Now on to this week’s little mystery pic. This one might be a tough one, but just look at that shot. Doesn’t it make you want to see it just from that alone? As always, please don’t post your answers here, but send us an email to Good Luck!


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