Soundtrack Review: Darling

darling cd.jpgDarling
Released by Lakeshore Records
30 Tracks with a Total Running Time of 61 min.
Music by Giona Ostinelli

If the opening track on this score, simply titled NYC Pt. 1, doesn’t hook you in, then you must not be listening. It starts out with some strange noise/vibration, almost alien-like, but grabs your attention. Then when track # 2, Darling, starts with a quiet and peaceful piano melody, it catches you off-guard. But then we start to hear something coming up underneath the piano, then things get strange.

This score really has me intrigue on what the movie is about since it seems to have this bizarre duality to it, where we have a theme or music playing but something going on elsewhere, that is almost bleeding through. Really enjoyed that. In fact, it made feel like this was some personal music that was being composed and performed by someone who is having audio mental breakdown, with the disturbed part of their brain breaking through. I know that is a strange way to describe a soundtrack, but that is what it reminded me of.

In track #6, Dragging the Body, they use some water and distortion to come up with a unique and very memorable effect. Nicely done. There are also 2 more continuation tracks like the first one, labeled NYC Pt. 2 and NYC Pt. 3, that both give off that same strange feeling.

This is definitely not your ordinary type of score which is one of the reasons I really enjoyed it.

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