LV-426 is Alien Day

alien dayFor those die-hard fans of the Alien series, we all know that moon where the Nostromo first encountered the infamous eggs was called LV426. Now thanks to 20th Century Fox, Mondo, and the Alamo Drafthouse, we will all be able to celebrate this date with a double feature screening of Ridley Scott’s Alien and James Cameron’s Aliens, taking place on April 29th. Get it…LV426…4-26. Pretty slick, huh? None the less, getting to see these two incredible classics on the big screen is a reason to celebrate no matter what!

You can check out the Alamo’s site HERE to find out where this event might be taking place near you. I know for us Chicago area fans, it will be taking place at the Music Box Theatre, where they will actually be screening Aliens in 70mm! They will also have the exclusive Mondo-designed t-shirt on sale in the lobby. There will also be custom video pre-shows before and between the two features. Really hard to pass up this opportunity.

Once again, this takes place on Tuesday, April 29th. At the Music Box, Alien will start at 7pm and Aliens will start at 9:15pm. Tickets for the double feature are only $12.

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