Last Chance For Rondos


The cut off for voting in this year’s Rondo Awards ends this Sunday at midnight. So you only have 3 more days to vote if you haven’t cast your ballot yet, please do so now! There are plenty of talented people that have been nominated this year that could use your vote. It doesn’t take long but your choice could show that the work these people do, the passion they put into it, is well worth their effort and means something to the world.

So if you haven’t already, take a few minutes, click HERE to get to the Rondo Awards page, and follow the instructions to send in your vote, such as making sure you include your name. Even if you don’t vote in all catagories, I’m sure there’s a few people in some of them that you know of and would like to help out.

And yes, I have been nominated for Best Columnist (Catagory #14) and would love to get your vote. But read through all the nominees because I am among so many talented writers, and vote from the heart.

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