Forgotten Scares – Belgium’s Horror History

Forgotten Scares poster with edges FINAL
In the world of horror, we hear from a lot of different countries: Italy, Japan, Spain, England, France, and so many more. But what about Belgium? Nothing really comes to mind, does it? But with a little research, you’d be surprised at what you coudl find.

When Jonas Govaerts released his film Cub in 2014, it was tagged as the “first Belgian horror film”, even though it was far from it. In fact, this was just the latest of many films to be filmed in Flanders, Belgium. And it was because of that “first” moniker that director and horror journalist Steve De Roover decided to make a documentary to show this country’s rich and long horror history. So he created Forgotten Scares.

De Roover sought out all the directors, producers, and actors that he could find that had worked on all of these films that had been produced in Flanders. This feature-length documentary goes back to the beginning, to the early ’70s to the more current films being made their, such as Govaerts Cub. Through this film, you will learn about all the Flemish horrors created there, from “‘splatter and gore fests, post-apocalyptic movies, slasher-films, forbidden nazisploitation, women-in-prison and other fantastical Flemish genre benders, all told through the people that created them. You’ll get to see rare behind-the-scenes footage, classic film scenes, production stills, as well as never-before-seen videos and photo material from the filmmaker’s vaults.

You’ll get to learn about films like Malpertuis, Daughters of Darkness, The Pencil Murders, The Antwerp Killer, The Afterman trilogy, Lucker, Mascara, the infamous Rabid Grannies, Alias, Engine Trouble, Parts of The Family and Leftbank, and of course Cub.

Written, directed by De Roover and co-produced with Kevin Hoed, they set out to show the world that their country has definitely made their footprint in the world of horror and must put Belgium right up there with the rest of the horror world, alongside the likes of Japan, Korea, Australia, and the rest.

You can check out the film’s information on their IMDB page HERE, or you can get more information about these filmmakers at their official site HERE.

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