The Rift Rises From Obscurity

Last year in my column for HorrorHound, I wrote about this little flick, The Rift (aka Endless Descent), from Juan Piquer Simón, releasedin 1990. In fact, it was among the titles we watced during our Turkey Day in May event last Spring. Needless to say, we this movie is a lot of fun. But we had to watch it from an old VHS transfer since it had never gotten a DVD release. Until now.

Thanks to the fine folks at Scorpion Releasing, for the first time, The Rift will be getting a release on the DVD and blu-ray. I’d like to think that maybe my column might have started the thought process to get this released….never know…it could have happened that way! But no matter how, we know it will be out some time later this year. The film stars  R. Lee Ermey, Jack Scalia, Ray Wise, Ely Pouget, Deborah Adair, all doing battle with some of the most amazing (and cheesy) underwater monsters you’ll see. Sure, might not be the greatest underwater monster flick, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be entertained. Especially if you love practial creature effects with no CGI.

No extras have been announced, or an official release date, but I’m sure we’ll mention that info here when we find out. In the meantime, here is the box art for it.

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