Wasteland Cometh

green_slime_poster_01This weekend, we will be making our 29th trip out to Strongsville, Ohio, for the Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo, as we’ve been doing since Sept. of 2000. No other show out there has run this long, being held at the very same hotel since the first one, and has created a reputation for being a show for the real die-hard movie fan. This is one of the few shows left that really is about celebrating the movies and the people behind them. There is always plenty of things going on to keep a movie fan occupied and entertained. From the Q&A panels to the film screening in two different rooms, you will never be bored. This time out, you’ll get the chance to see titles like The Green Slime (1968), Queen of Outer Space (1958), and Stanley (1972), all screened from 16mm prints! In the video room, you can watch classics like King Kong Escapes (1967) or Psychos in Love (1987), and much more.

And if that isn’t enough to keep you busy, just try striking up a conversation with another film fan at the show, whether it is a dealer or just a paying customer, you will find a collection of fans like no other show. Most of the people coming through the door are well experienced in the art of cinema horror, sci-fi, exploitation, and other drive-in fare, and usually are very happy to share their knowledge and experiences. It is one of the many things that makes this show so great and special to me. We’ve been to each and every one of the Wasteland shows and plan on being at every future one until Ken fianlly gets tired of seeing all our ugly faces!

grefeAt this year’s spring show, they are having a Street Trash reunion, with six guests from the film appearing. You also have the one and only director William Grefe, who gave us features like Stanley, Sting of Death, Death Curse of Tartu, and so many more. Plus there will be Linda Miller, David Naughton, and a few others. Just head over to their website HERE for all the details.

I also have to mention that this show has one of the best dealer rooms around. This is the show that I’m usually worried about going home completely broke! From t-shirts, posters, books, and all shorts of great stuff, the only problem you’ll have is trying to decide what to spend your money on.

Plus, the creators of Evilspeak magazine will be there set up, along with several of their key writers (myself included) and artists. If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a copy, then this weekend will be the perfect chance to not only see what it is all about, but meet some of the people behind it!

evilspeak banner.jpg

Of course, most importantly, if you are coming out to the show, make sure you stop by our table during the weekend and say hello! We always love meeting followers of the Krypt. Hope to see you there!

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