Book Review: The Unholy Three

Unholy Three
The Unholy Three: Screen Villains and English Gentlemen

By John Hamilton
Published by Midnight Marquee, 2009. 284 pages.

If you ever are in need of adding some titles to your Need-to-Watch movie list, then pick up a biography of a actor or actress that you like. I’m sure by reading about some of the pictures they were in will having you wanting to seek them out. I know that happened to me several times while reading this book.

This book covers three “Screen Villains and English Gentlemen”, George Coulouris, André Morell, and Dennis Price. These names may not jump out at you, like someone of Peter Cushing or Christopher Lee stature, but you still probably know them, or have at least seen them in a film or two. I’d been a fan of Morell since first seeing him in Hammer’s Plague of the Zombies, and enjoyed him in many different performances, including that of Professor Quatermass in the BBC TV version of Quatermass and the Pit. I knew of Price’s later day work, mainly in cheap exploitation fare with the likes of Jess Franco, or an appearance in a Hammer title here and there. But Coulouris had eluded me…or so I thought. Once I read about him, the movies that he had appeared in, I realized I did know this actor and had seen him in several titles already!

But that didn’t stop me from adding quite a few movies to my own Need-to-See list, some of which I’ve never seen before, while there were others that I had seen but now wanted to re-watch them once again. That is the beauty of books like these.

Hamilton does a stellar job giving us a lot of background information on these three talented actors, telling us how they got their start and different stories about them and their work. We also get to hear from those that worked with him, which helps give a little more insight into these gentlemen. While they may not be the biggest stars from the UK, for a horror fan like me, they will always be remembered because of the work they left us. And because of people like John Hamilton and this wonderful book.

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