Naschy’s Crimson Gets Redeption…

…Redeption release that is. Okay, for anybody out there, Naschy die-hard fans included, lets not mince words here. We all know that Crimson is not one of his best work. In fact, it is not a good one at all. But for us poor souls that are doomed with the curse of being a completest, we know that we will have to add this new edition from Redemption when it gets released in June.

Crimson - Wizard Video.jpgNow back in the days of the video store, walking through the horror section and seeing this big box video from Wizard Video with a severed head wrapped in bandages, it was a no-brainer to quickly grab it from the shelf for your next rental. But the true horror was once you started to watch it and realized how poor of a film it was. BUT…it was, and is still, a Naschy film. So therefore, fans like me, we need to have it in the collection no matter what.

It was released by Image years ago, so do we really need to upgrade it? Actually….yes. That is because thanks to Redemption, we will at least now be able to have not only the American version, but also the European version of the film, that runs 9 minutes longer than the standard 89-minute cut. Plus, how great is it that it is under the title The Man with the Severed Head?!?!? Yeah, okay…still not goin to make the film any more watchable.Basically the extra footage is just a lot of sex and nudity…nothing wrong with that, right? The shorter version will be in English, while the longer cut will be in French but with English subtitles available. Mastered in HD from the original 35mm negative, it should be the best the film has ever looked. There will also be an audio commentary by film historian Richard Harland Smith.

2 thoughts on “Naschy’s Crimson Gets Redeption…

  1. This makes me wonder whether Naschy’s Inquisition — the one I’ve been wanting to see for some time — will ever receive similar treatment.


    • We can only hope, Craig! There are still quite a few of his films that have never gotten a DVD release here in the states. Night of the Howling Beast immediately comes to mind.


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