Soundtrack Review: Baskin

baskin cd

Released by Lakeshore Records, 2016
26 Tracks with a Total Running time of 59 min.
Music by Ulaş Pakkan

This is another unusual score. First of all that it is from a horror film made in Turkey, which doesn’t happen that often. Plus this is the first score by Pakkan. I haven’t seen the film so I am only going by the music in this score, which is a very strange and eerie sounding piece of music. There are many tracks that give it a strange, outworldly feel to it. Not in a science fiction sort of way, but just something that is  a little off, or a bit unnerving. Right from the first track, Arda, while a simple melody, it has a mysterious feeling woven in between the notes. The third track, Death of the Parents, continues the melody from the first track but expands on it and fleshes it out a bit more. A nice tune and a little bit more peaceful than the first time we hear it, but still something darker holding onto it.

As we move through the rest of the tracks, we do get an array of different styles and pacing, some continue to be slow and moody, while others pick up the beat and are more action based. Some pieces of music use something that has a similar sound of scraping metal, such as in track 17, Frog Hunters, but it is very effectively used here incorporated into the music. A nice touch.

Overall, this score will give you something you’re probably not familiar with, but it is still a very enjoyable and dark piece of music. We enjoyed it quite a bit.

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