Quartet Records Gives Us Blood!

Legend of Blood Castle CD
It never ceases to amaze me the titles that are getting a soundtrack released these days. Even the most obscure movie scores seem to pop up out of nowhere, and demanding money from me! And who am I to argue?

The latest is Carlo Savina’s score for Jorge Grau’s 1973 film Ceremonia Sangrienta aka Blood Ceremony aka The Legend of Blood Castle aka The Female Butcher, and just a few other titles. But now, thanks to the wonderful folks Quartet Records, you can now have this score for your own collection. We have a couple of Savina’s scores, like for Crypt of the Vampire and Malenka and can’t wait to add another gothic score for this composer. This release was mastered from first-generation stereo master tapes and containsa  full color 8-page booklet with liner notes by Gergely Hubai.

According to Quartet Records, with this release, Savina gives us “an intense musical experience featuring both tonal and atonal passages, with a strong focus on instruments, such as the harpsichord, associated with the period and the place . Savina creates an ominous Gothic atmosphere in what is surely one of his best efforts within the horror genre.” I know it will be one that I will be adding to the collection.

You can order it directly from Quartet Records HERE, but if you’re in the states, it would be easier and cheaper to get it through Screen Archives HERE.

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