Hammer Dracula Scrapbook


Okay Hammer Dracula fans, start saving those pennies, because there will be a book coming out this summer that you’re going to want to add to your library. Thanks to the wonderful (and incredibly talented book publishers) people at Peveril Publishing, they will continue to put out amazing looking volumes dedicated to the Studio that Dripped Blood, and that we all love.


Author Wayne Kinsey will be putting out a hardcover edition, over 300 pages filled with images and information from Hammer’s Dracula series, starring the immortal Christopher Lee. According to Peveril’s site, we’ll get to see “rare images, posters, lobby cards, advertising materials, set design drawings, script pages, schedules, documents, contracts and other assorted ephemera” from the series. Sounds pretty damn cool, huh? And if you’ve ever seen one of Peveril’s books, then you know what pieces of art they produce.

No details on exact release date just yet, but keep checking here for updates, or you can always go straight to the source, their website, by clicking HERE.

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