Soundtrack Review: Abominable

Released in 2006, by Aleph Records
21 Tracks, with a running time of
Music by Lalo Schifrin

If you don’t the name of Lalo Schifrin, you do know his music. He is the man behind the theme for Mission Impossible, both the original TV series and the movies. But as a horror fan, you might know his work on Amityville Horror, which is probably one of the best horror scores out there.

And now, helping out his son who directed Abominable, Schifrin has created another great score. It’s been quite some time since he has worked on horror film, but he still shows that he knows what makes an effective score. Just by listening to the different tracks, you can almost tell what is going on in the movie. That is how good he sets the mood. There are some tracks that are more action or suspense building. But other ones, like #6 (There Is Something Out There), creates some great eeriness to it, through the use of come creepy strings. The master still has it. Hopefully he will do a few more in the horror genre.

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