Book Review: The Godfather of Gore Speaks

The Godfather of Gore Speaks
By Andrew J. Rausch & H.G. Lewis
Published by BearManor Media, 2012.  139 pages

Herschell Gordon Lewis is a name that every horror fan should know and know his films. Why? Simple. Because Lewis is the man responsible for the gore. Or at least he is the one that started it all with a little film in 1963 called Blood Feast. Lewis and his partner at the time, Dave Friedman, were moving away from the ‘nudie cutie’ films they were making since everyone else was jumping on the bandwagon and decided to make something that people had never seen before. Extreme blood and guts! With Blood Feast, we get to see limbs hacked off, brains scooped out, and tongues ripped out, all in bright and gruesome red. And the audience went nuts!

Andrew J. Rausch has put together a book now that has Lewis’ direct involvement throughout the entire thing, which is why Lewis is credit as the author with Rausch getting a “with”. These are Lewis’ words, his stories, his memories. Rausch comes in with some extra info here and there, filling in any gaps of information needed. The book covers all of Lewis’ films up to this date, ending with The Uh! Oh! Show. It is amazing how much Lewis remembers about these movies he made and the people he worked with all those years ago. But they are fascinating to read and really show a different side of the movie business than what we hear from the major studios.

If you’ve read any other book on Lewis, you would have probably heard these same stories. BUT…these are coming directly from Lewis himself and not being told from another person’s point of view. But again, not a ton of new info. But on the flipside, finding some of those other books might not be that easy, at least without paying a hefty price. While the book is only 139 pages, the price of $14.95 is not much more than a regular magazine these days, so you are still getting a lot of info for your money.

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