Book Review: Shadows & Light

Shadows & Light: Journeys with Outlaws in Revolutionary Hollywood
By Gary Kent
Published by Dalton Publishing, 2009.  422 pages.

While a lot of the biographies that I read are usually informative, I have never read one that was as entertaining as this one. Not only did some of Kent’s stories have me on the floor laughing, but his way of telling them is priceless. The guy throws metaphors around like a pork chop bones at a Southern Baptist BBQ. Highly enjoyable read. Plus the fact that his stories of low budget and “outlaw” filmmaking back in the early days of Hollywood are incredible. His stories show us what true pioneers these independent guys were, being able to make movies time and time again with sometime nothing more than passion.

There are a lot of names mentioned throughout this book, some you may know, some not. But if you are a movie fan long enough, you will know who these people are. And if you don’t know their names, then you better start taking notes and looking them up because I’m sure you’ll find quite a few interesting films that they were involved in.

Even though most of the titles that he worked on would never even get footnote in Hollywood history, these are the films that fans like me grew up with and still enjoy to this day. Because of that, we couldn’t recommend this book enough. If you are one of those independent low-budget filmmakers trying to claw your way into the business, then I think you will find this book highly informative, as well as entertaining.

Like the movies that he worked on, they just don’t make them like Gary Kent anymore.

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