Cult Horror Films Book Review


Cult Horror Films
By Welch Everman
Published by Citadel Press, 1993. 230 pages.

This is a title that I’ve had in my collection for quite some time and has been one that I’ve busted out many times looking up a particular title. But I had never sat down and read it from from to back until now. In the introduction, Everman explains his definition of what a cult horror film would be, saying it “would seem to be one made strickly for the horror audience, the audience that will literally watch anything as long as its a horror flick.” Not sure if I’d agree with 100%, but I do understand his point. I personally don’t think any of these filmmakers set out to make a cult film. In fact, I’d say most of these were hoping that this might be the one to make them big. The cult status just happens. It is not planned.

The book covers over 80 titles, and has plenty of titles that I feel fit under the book’s title, such as Barn of the Naked Dead, Blood Orgy of the She-Devils, I Eat Your Skin, Slithis, an quite a few more. But then he would throw titles in there like Mania (aka Flesh and the Fiends), Donovan’s Brain, Fiend Without a Face, and a couple of other titles that I really don’t qualify. In fact, I wouldn’t call them cult titles, but classics. Sure, they might not be as well known as the usual classics subjects, but I just wouldn’t put a title like Freaks or Them! in the same catagory as Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks or Torture Dungeon.

But then again, that is the beauty of this book. It really is about opinion. Everman may not speak too highly of some of the titles in these pages that I’ve found quite entertaining, but we’re always going to have those titles that, as film fans, we are not going to agree on, as well as plenty of them at that we do. That is one of the fun parts of being a film fan, being able to have a passionate dialogue with another die hard fan about the pros and cons of a movie like The Corpse Grindes. So no matter what you agree or disagree with, you will enjoy this book.

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