Horror History – Lone Fleming

flemingLone Fleming
Born 1949

Fleming was one of those faces that might not have made a lot of horror films, but she was one that was always recognizable. Of course, since she appeared in one of my favorite films, Tombs of the Blind Dead (1971), she will always be remembered for her performance in there. She also appeared in de Ossorio’s follow up, Return of the Evil Dead, though as a different character. She also appearred in Eugenio Martin’s 19773 film It Happened at Nightmare Inn (aka A Candle for the Devil). I’m sure the fact that she was married to the director had nothing to do with her casting. Even if it was she still gives a great performance here. She also appeared in another de Ossorio film, THE POSSESSED, as well as working with Paul Naschy vigilante film, El Ultimo Kamikaze (1984). And while it was a small part, she worked with Juan Piquer Simón’s take on the Jules Vern epic The Fabulous Journey to the Center of the Earth (aka Where Time Began). She recently had a cameo in Victor Matellano’s film Wax, which starred another favorite Spanish actor of ours, Jack Taylor.

No matter what she was in, it is always a treat to see her names in the credit.

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