Andrzej Zulawski – Rest in Peace

andrzej zulawski ripIt is one thing to be a director that makes a film, even a good one. But it takes a very different kind of director to make a film that brings out such a diverse and strong reaction. Like Polish director Andrzej Zulawski. While he only made a few films in his 40+ year career, all one needs to do is look at his 1981 film Possession to see what I’m talking about. Sure, you might not understand what is going on, but it is a powerful one none the less. Made during a bitter divorce, director Zulawski brought those intense emotions to life on the screen with this bizarre tale.

Zulawski passed away two days ago at the age of 75, after a long battle with cancer.

Film critic Andrzej Bukowiecki had called Zulawski a “visionary filmmaker, one with imagination, and one who used bold methods and effects. He was controversial and provocative.”


As we’ve always pointed out on this site many times before, the movies that these filmmakers leave us help keep their memories alive. Even Zulawski said himself, that his movies will live on, as “They continue to stimulate viewers.”

I know his work will do just that. Gone, but never forgotten.

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