Do You Have Jose Larraz’s Symptoms?

symptoms posterWhile José Ramón Larraz is most known for his 1974 blood thirsty picture Vampyres, he also made another film that same year (actually a few in 1974) that starred the daughter of the immortal Donald Pleasence, Angela, who gives us a very creepy performance here. I don’t believe this film has never gotten an actual video release here in the states other than in the bootleg market, but it is one that should be seen, if only because of Pleasence’s performance. The film has such a strange and eerie look and quality to it, with a good and slow burn, but worth seeing.

And now, thanks to Mondo Macabro, you will have that chance. They will be releasing this film this spring that will have plenty of extras, besides the film being fully restored from the original negative. The extras include a documentary on Larraz by Celia Novis called On Vampyres and Other Symptoms, the 1999 entry from the show Eurotika series that was on Larraz, a new interview with actresses Angela Pleasence and Lorna Heilbron, and editor Brian Smedley-Aston.


It seems there will be two different versions of the release, one only limited to 500 copies, but not sure if that version will have more extras is the only way to get the extras mentioned above. We’ll have to wait and see.

2 thoughts on “Do You Have Jose Larraz’s Symptoms?

  1. I loved Vampyres and Coming of Sin (although the title Violation of the Bitch is more eye catching). I still haven’t seen Edge of the Axe. I would love to see Symptoms!


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