The Boy Soundtrack Review


The Boy
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2015
13 Tracks with a total running time of 49 min.
Music by Bear McCreary

I have to say that any score that starts out with a quiet piano melody gets me hooked right from that first note, especially when it is such a somber piece. That is how this one starts. Not only does the piano play an important part of this score, which is alway a bonus for me, but McCreary uses a reaccuring theme throughout the sccore, which I’ve also always been a fan of.

Most of the tracks are slow and quiet, moving into the edges of your psyche, almost relaxing you. But then there are those hints of tension and darkness that start to seep through, such as in track #6, Come Play Pretty Greta, while tracks like # 10, Rat Blood, uses strings to build up the tension, with a increasingly faster pace. The last track is a song written by McCreary’s brother Brenden and features vocals by Fyfe Monroe. This is a strange track that has a feel of industrial style, but the vocals give it such a strange and haunting quality. Great stuff.

This score is also a great example of the range and talent that McCreary has. Listen to this score, then take a crack at his work on scores like Rest Stop 2 or Wrong Turn 2 and you’ll be shock to know that its the same composer. He is one talented guy and we’ve loved his work for years.

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