Bunny Lake is Missing Soundtrack Review


Bunny Lake is Missing
Released by Intrada, 2016
12 Tracks with a total running time of 39:32 min.
Composed by Paul Glass.

It always amazes me at some of the older titles that get a new soundtrack release. Take for example this one: Paul Glass’ score for the 1965 film by Otto Preminger. We had only stumbled across this film last year, showing that you that there are always great films to discover!

Right off with the very first sounds we hear with this score sets the tone. A haunting and delicate piece of music from what sounds like a recorder, but then is filled out with more sounds, continuing the theme. Soft and light, which is how the movie starts out. But Glass doesn’t stop there, throwing so many different instruments and sounds, (and even a waltz!) incorporating them all into this intriguing soundrack.

The score does feature 3 tracks by the British rock band The Zombies as well!

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