Mystery Photo 2-1

Welcome to February! And since it is Monday, that means a new Mystery Photo. But before we get to the new one, let’s go over last week’s. It actually was an easier title, but I used a shot that I thought wouldn’t be recognized too easily. And it looks like I was right. The shot is from the opening of John Hough’s The Legend of Hell House, one of my favorite haunted house movies out there! Only got one correct answer sent in and that was from Hoby Abernathy. Pretty tough to sneak one by him, apparently! But major kudos to you none the less!

Okay…this week’s photo is a nice little close up of a man who might just have a little bit of a skin problem. Take a peek and see if you recogninze this guy and the movie he is from. Good luck!

And as always, please don’t post your answers here, but send us an email to



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