Cujo Soundtrack Review


Released by Intrada, 2016
23 Tracks with a total running time of 49:28 min.
Music by Charles Bernstein

I think Bernstein created a wonderful score here. The main theme is just such a pleasant piece of music that is peaceful and tranquil, but yet also has a darker or sadder tone seemlying underneath. I also love the way that it is repeated in some form or another throughout the rest of the soundtrack. While there are other tracks that do a wonderful job creating and building tension, like in track # 9, Cujo Kills Chambers, where it really gets the adrenaline pumping and puts your ears ont edge of their seats, which of course, works even better while watching the movie.

It is a great piece of music just to have on at anytime that is not going to put you in any certain mood, but probably enhance the one you’re currently in. You just might not want to have a large Saint Bernard dog around near you just in case it might have a different effect on them! You just never know.

The original release of this score was barely a half hour long, bt this newest release runs much closer to an hour. Not only having more music throughout the score, it also has some original and alternate cues. I think it is well worth double-dipping.

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