Katzman, Nicholson, & Corman…Need I Say More?

KatzmanNicholsonCorman book

The fine folks at BearManor Media have just put out a book that I think fans of the 50s and 60s drive-in pictures are going to have to add to the library. And if that wasn’t enough, it was written by Mark Thomas McGee, who has become one of my favorite writers, who always makes his work not only informative, but damn entertaining to read.

With his latest book, Katzman, Nicholson, Corman: Shaping Hollywood’s Future, he covers three very important figures in the world of low budget filmmaking during that era. Of course, we all know who Roger Corman is and the impact he made in the industry.

But what about Sam Katzman and Jim Nicholson? Katzman produced close to 250 pictures in his 40 year career, in just about every genre out there. Of course, horror and sci-fi fans know that name from some classic films like It Came from Beneath the Sea and Earth vs the Flying Saucers, ones that made you want to see them by their title alone, such as The Night the World Exploded, and other no-so-classic (but damn entertaining) ones like the ultimate Turkey, The Giant Claw. No matter what you say about the quality of his productions, I’ve always been entertained by them. The last name, Jim Nicholson, was one half of the infamous studio American International Pictures, who cranked out so many classics, there have been several books written just on them! But now, Nicholson gets the spotlight on his own, which I think was much needed.

BearManor Media has this book available in both hardcover format ($32.95) and softcover ($22.95), which you can order either version on their website HERE. I’ve personally read several of McGee’s books and have learned quite a bit, not to mention them putting a smile on my face while reading them.



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