Spanish Horror Film Book Review

Spanish Horror Film

Spanish Horror Film
By Antonio Lázaro-Reboll
Published by Edinburgh University Press, 2012. 308 pages.

The Spanish horror genre is one that for some reason just doesn’t get the same attention as a lot of the other countries out there, such as Italy or Japan. But Spain has such a long and rich history of horror films that is well worth looking into. And if you’re not that familiar with it, this book is a great place to start.

Lázaro-Reboll does a great job covering both the old and the new history of Spanish horror. Giving us a good history lesson of not only the film genre there, but of what was going on in the country at that time which had a huge effect on the cinema. But he points out some important figures that give people a great place to start with, such as Jess Franco and Paul Naschy, but also going more uncommon names to your average fan like Narciso Ibáñez Serrador and Eloy de la Iglesia. The book also comes to more present day names like Jaume Balagueró and Álex de la Iglesia.

So if you’re a causal fan, you’re going to come away with a lot of homework. If you were already a fan, you are probably still going to learn something, at least making it worth your while.

I do have to say that the one problem with this book is the cost. Because it is from one of these silly university press edition, it seems they feel the need to way overcharge for their books. A new hardcover copy will set you back close to $50 (originally they were over $100), but now they have paperback versions for under $20, which isn’t that bad of a price. Still no clue why these books are priced so ridicoulsy high.



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