Mystery Photo 1-18

I have to say I am pretty damn amazed and impressed that anybody got our last photo. I figured there might be a few die-hard VHS collectors out there that might have grabbed this rare tape for their collection, but didn’t think most of them would have bothered to watch it! But I was wrong. The film in question is a terrible SOV film simply called Spine that came out in 1986. Collectors seek this one out because of the big box it came in with a terrible looking box art. But some major kudos out to these guys for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Mario Dominick, and Eric Fredrich. Well done…you should be proud of yourselves.

This week’s photo might not be as obscure, but again, might not be too easy. But take a peek and see for yourself. Just send me an email at Good luck.


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