The Forest Soundtrack Review


The Forest
Released by Sparks & Shadows, 2016
10 Tracks with a total running time of 42 min.
Music by Bear McCreary

I’ve been a fan of McCreary’s work ever since he showed me that he could create a chilling music score with a banjo, which he did for Wrong Turn 2. So any chance I get to hear another one of his scores, I’m right there.

For this score, I give him a lot of credit for taking a children’s choir and making it sound very creepy, as he blends it in with the rest of the score. It works well getting under your skin. But while there are some moments in the score that are fast paced, most of the soundtrack is filled with slow and moody pieces. You can almost get the feeling of an oncoming dread while listening to this. It’s slow, sad, and is not something that you’d listen for motiviational purposes, that’s for sure. I know a bit what the movie is about, which really does fit in to what it sounds like McCreary is going for. And it works.

If you’re looking for some music to fall asleep with, this just might work, but I could only imagine the dreams (or nightmares) that might be conjured up by that!

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