Kryptic World Tour 2016…Let It Begin

Now that we’ve made it past the holidays, putting the old year into all but memories, it is time to get ready for this new one and start planning our Kryptic World Tour for 2016. Our first stop in the new tour won’t be until the middle of March, at the HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, but we are counting the days for that. A few weeks after that, we’ll be heading out to Ohio again for the Cinema Wasteland show. We have posted below our full schedule of shows (that we know of so far) that we are planning on attending. There might be one or two more that we’ll add later on in the year, such as maybe a movie marathon or drive-in event, but we’ll let you know when we find out.

Not only are we excited for the convention season to begin, but over these last few months, we have been building our inventory of book titles for sale and I have to say, our inventory is overflowing with a bunch of great titles, including some rare and hard to find ones, as well as some newer titles. And of course, like all of our titles, they will be priced to sell! If you’re looking for something to help you learn more about this great genre of our’s, then make sure you stop by our table at one of these events and I’m sure you’ll find something that will interests you!

Plus, for those of you interested in the Horror Slave products my wife Dawn makes, she will have a bunch of new pattern designs this year, from 50s Giant Monsters, the Blind Dead, and a few more. So we hope to see you there! Make sure you stop by and say HELLO!

HorrorHound Weekend

Cincinnati, Onio
March 18th – 20th

Cinema Wasteland

Strongsville, Ohio
April 1st – 3rd

Monster Bash

Mars, PA
July 8th – 10th

Flashback Weekend

Rosemont, IL
Aug. 5th – 7th

HorrorHound Weekend

Indianapolis, IN
Sept. 9th – 11th

Cinema Wasteland

Strongsville, OH
Sept. 30th – Oct. 2nd

2 thoughts on “Kryptic World Tour 2016…Let It Begin

    • I’ve actually met Grefe before, but am looking forward to it again. Such a great guy, full of stories, and never charged a dime for autographs. As if I couldn’t think he was cool enough…


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