Not Bad for a Human Book Review


Not Bad for a Human
By Lance Henriksen & Joseph Maddrey
Published by Bloody Pulp Books, 2011.  374 pages.

We’ve been a fan of Mr. Henriksen’s for longer than we can remember. Mainly because he had been in so many movies that we’d seen in our younger days, that it was hard to remember where we saw him first. But it was definitely in James Cameron’s ALIENS when he made such a lasting impact on us. We’ve been known to watch a movie just because Henriksen appears in it. And no matter how low budget the film might be, or even the bigger budgeted ones, we know that Lance is going to be there giving us an incredible performance. So when we seen him at a convention in 2011 when he was out promoting his new autobiography, we knew we’d have to pick it up. When we finally got around to starting it, we were done with it within a week.

From seeing him at a few conventions before and reading a little up on Lance, I had heard that he was illiterate until into his ’30s, which just boggled my mind.  But once I started his book, I couldn’t put it down.  It is a very fast read, but is just filled with life experiences from a man who grew up hard and fast, and usually on the streets.  But for a man with such a tough and dark past, you’d think there would be no way a 374 page book could cover it all.  And it probably doesn’t.  But what we do get is plenty of these life altering changes and lessons that Lance went through, even before he got into acting.  Powerful stuff here, folks.  I had a lot of respect for this man BEFORE I read this.  Now so even more.

But once we do get into his acting and the tons of movies that he worked on, we get his personal insights on a lot of them, from the big budgeted films to the small independent ones that he has worked on.  Lance Henriksen is a very intelligent man, with more feeling and passion packed in behind that dark and brooding face.  We couldn’t recommend this book enough.  Even if you’re not a huge movie fan (of course, then why would you be here at our site???), his story will make an impact on you, the same it has for me.

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