Horror History – R.G. Armstrong

rgarmstrongR. G. Armstrong
Born April 7th, 1917

Robert Golden Armstrong is another one of those character actors that you might not remember their name, but you will damn sure remember him.  With some of the most intense and beady eyes in the business, Armstrong made quite a few appearances in the horror genre, usually playing a character that is not the nicest guy.  One of our personal favorites was in Evilspeak, as Sarge, who threatens to show Clint Howard how to make a little boy into a little girl.  Classic stuff.

But Armstrong is one of those unique actors that have never been a huge leading man, but was always working, and always entertaining to watch.  Other genre films featuring him are Race with the Devil (1975), The Car (1977), The Beast Within (1982), and even Predator (1987).

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