Guillermo del Toro – Cabinet of Curiosities Book Review


Guillermo del Toro – Cabinet of Curiosities
By Guillermo del Toro & Marc Scott Zicree
Published by Harper Design, 2013.  264 pages.

Being a huge fan of del Toro’s work, right from his first film Cronos, I have followed his career every step of the way. Other than a couple of stumbles (in my opinion), I have really enjoyed his work. One of the things that sets him so apart from a lot of the filmmakers today is his incredible talent and ability, as well as his undying passion for the fantastic, whether it is in the cinema or fiction. With each of this movies, del Toro would have a notebook where he would have sketches, notes, and everything else about the project that he was working on. These notebooks would soon become famous because of all the work put into them. Even for some films that have never happened….yet.

Whether you are a fan of del Toro’s work or not, paging through this book is a wonderful journey into the mind of real dedicated fan of the genre. So much care and detail goes into his work and planning, that you can see that he is obviously more than just a director. He really is a true filmmaker and storyteller, a creator of fantastic worlds and stories. And this book shows that quite well. Even going through the tour of Bleak House, the place where he goes to work that houses his collection of toys, statues, books, memorabilia and anything else that has and still does inspire him. With an introduction by James Cameron, and other entries by the likes of John Landis, Ron Perlman, and even Tom Cruise, you can see that others are impressed by his dedication and passion.

While the book does have a hefty price tag of $60, it is a beautiful laid out book, with plenty of photos and del Toro’s own illustrations from his own notebooks. Granted, you can get it much cheaper from Amazon, but either way, it really is a wonderful coffee table book and is one that can steal time away from you as you gaze into the world and mind of Guillermo del Toro.  And that is well worth the price of admission.

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