New AIP Book Coming from Hemlock

RocknRoll MonstersWhat better way to start off the new year than talking about a new book! I don’t really have much information about this new title coming from Hemlock Books over in the UK, other than it should be out sometime in June, and is being written by Bruce G. Hallenbeck. Of course, that should be enough info to wet your appetite and to put it on your future want list!

While I’ve already got a couple of books on American International Pictures, I think the more information and stories about this production company the better. They cranked out some of the most entertaining movies of that era, thriving at the drive-in market and beyond.

I’ve been following Mr. Hallenbeck for well over two decades, starting with his incredible and in-depth articles for Little Shoppe of Horrors. But he has written several books over the years, most of which I have in my personsal library, and are just as fantastic as his articles. Then of course, why wouldn’t they be. One of the things I enjoy about Hallenbeck’s work is that it is easy to read. And by that, I mean that his writing is done to get the information and stories out to the readers and fans. Not to try to impress them with big words and in-depth psychological insights that Freud would have a hard time understanding. Sure, maybe I’m just not smart enough to get all of that psycho-garble, but with my own writing, I’ve always thought that getting your point across and understood by your reader was the most important part of what you do. And Hallenbeck does that better than most.

So while you’re waiting for this new book on AIP to come out, why don’t you check out some of Hallenbeck’s other titles, which can purchased through either Hemlock Books in the UK, or the American editions through Midnight Marquee. I don’t think you’ll regret it.


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