Kryptic Army Legacy Continues…


Back in 2010, when I started the Kryptic Army, it was originally started just as a yearlong contest to try and get people to watch some movies, under a theme that I chose. But after having so much fun with it that first year, I decided to do it another year. Then again. 2015 was our 6th year, and sadly, the last year. As I had already mentioned this to the Army soldiers, it was just getting too much work for me to keep up with the updates, coming up with new and interesting topics each month, and was just taking too much of my time.

During the six years it was running, I was able to make a bunch of new friends, hearing such joy (and sometimes frustrations) at watching some of the movies that they chose for that month’s mission. All of these ‘soldiers’ I now consider my friends, so that alone was one of the great benefits of me starting this whole project.

But now that it is over, I’ve heard a few comments from some of the soldiers about wanting to still be able to keep in contact, hear what they’ve been watching, and comment on them. Well, that can still happen. I had created a Kryptic Army Facebook page for that reason, though it didn’t get a lot of used when I first created it. But I don’t see any reason why we still can’t use this platform to post a thing or two about a movie that you’ve just watched, to either recommend other fans see it or to avoid it. Or maybe to get a conversation going about a certain title. As a movie fan, there is nothing engaging for me than to be able to talk about these movies that we love.

Army Facebook Page

So let’s see if we can’t keep the Kryptic Army spirit alive and well on its Facebook page!

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