My Top Pics of 2015…Year in Review Part 3

Once again, my list of movies are ones that I have seen for the first time during this year, not necessarily ones that were released this year. But most of these films are only a year old and while they officially came out 2014, they didn’t get nationally available until this year. The other interesting thing to note is that most of these films, all but one in fact, are low budget independent films. Which is even more interesting since I tend to really dislike indie films because of lack of good acting, talent, or creativeness. But these showed me how wrong I was. Most of them didn’t really have any big name stars attached to it, or anybody famous for that matter. But that didn’t stop them from really making a strong impact on me.

So let’s get to them!

coherenceposterCoherence (2013) – This probably my favorite film from this year. It is one that you really should just watch, without reading anything about it. Go into it like I did, completely unaware what was going to happen. And it just blew me away. Then, after watching the making-of segment on the DVD, it blew me away even more. Definitely a must see.

Cold in July (2014) – Okay…so this is really a horror film, but it is a damn good thriller. And besides, it is based on a book written by Joe R. Lansdale, so for that alone, it is worth seeing. Another great ride from director Jim Mickle, where you have no idea what is going to happen next. Great film, great cast, and a great way to kill 90 minutes of your time. And…probably my favorite score. Just incredible.

Honeymoon (2014) – Yet another film that I had no idea what it was about and really enjoyed it. With cast of pretty much just two people, they are able to hold and keep the viewer’s attention as we see these strange events unfold. High kudos to Rose Leslie to an amazing performance.

humanraceThe Human Race (2012) – Directed by Paul Hough, this one is such a nice breath of originality, and giving us something different than what we’ve seen before. Not to mention it being a great little film. Well worth seeking out.

It Follows (2015) – This one attracted a lot of attention when it first busted out on the internet and for good reason. Even though the plot and story is paper thin, it is done extremely well and highly effective. And another one with an exceptionlly amazing score.

Krampus (2015) – Michael Dougherty hits another holiday horror out of the park with this one. This will be on the required viewing list each Christmas season.

Starry Eyes (2014) – Another low budget indie film that makes quite an impact with the viewer, mainly due to the daring performance by the lead actress, Alex Essoe. She alone is worth seeing this.

Honorable Mentions: Blood Glacier (2013), Bunny Lake is Missing (1965), House at the End of Time (2013), The Town That Dreaded Sundown (2014), We Are Still Here (2015)


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