B-Movie Horrors Book Review

B-movie horrors

B-Movie Horrors
By John Thonen
Published by Movie Club, Inc., 1999.  96 Pages

This is another great book if you want to learn about the ways of low budget independent filmmaking. Don Dohler has been making movies in his home town of Baltimore since 1976. But even before that, movie magic was his life.

This book covers Dohler’s beginning interests in filmmaking, from starting his own little magazine, to eventually going on to making feature films. His magazine helped and inspired future hopefuls that shared the same passion. Tom Sullivan, the man behind the special makeup effects of Evil Dead said that he learned a lot from Don’s early magazine.

“In the 1970’s Don Dohler published “Cinemagic” a magazine that featured “how to” sections on head casting, making foam rubber appliances and building stop motion armatures and puppets. I could not have made Evil Dead without it.” – Tom Sullivan

But this book also covers every one of the five films that Dohler directed, from his first film The Alien Factor, to his last one, Blood Massacre. Giving the reader an great insight at all the little stuff that goes on behind the camera of low budget films, from the first conception to the very end.

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