Ash vs the Evil Dead Soundtrack Review


Ash vs The Evil Dead
Released by Varèse Sarabande, 2015
22 Tracks with a total running time of 53 min.
Music by Joseph LoDuca

Since the first film that LoDuca ever scored was Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, and the fact that he also did the scores for the two sequels that followed, it was only natural that he would be back to score the TV series.

Most of the score is more traditional and fast paced music to enhance the onscreen scares, with lot of fast strings, loud pieces to startle you, and some electronic noise every now and then for ambiance. There are a few tracks that are slower and quiet, but these are few. The score definitely has a main style to it though, which has a strong western feel to it, and that is where I feel this score really shines.

There are three really standout tracks that I just love. Granted, it was this western the style that LoDuca was going for that hooked me in right away. Within a minute of track # 8 The Handyman Cant, you can just feel the atmosphere of one of those old westerns, maybe even with a hint of Morricone. Same goes for the following track, Adios Tio Brujo. You can just picture the hero riding off into the sunset on a horse…or maybe in a 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88. And then of course, we also have the last track, Ash’s Theme, which is a reprise of sorts of the Handyman track, but flushed out more into the hero’s theme, even with some chainsaw sounds in the background, where LoDuca really shows some great style and talent here. He really recreates the feelings from those old Italian westerns and does it well.

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