Horror History – Evelyn Ankers

ankersEvelyn Ankers
Born Aug. 17th, 1918 – Died Aug. 29th, 1985

Evelyn Ankers was the only actress to play opposite the main Universal monsters, Frankenstein’s creature, the Wolf Man, and Dracula (actually his Son).  She appeared in a few films in England in the ’30s before coming to the US and working for Universal.  Her first movie, even though a comedy, still hand its hands in the horror genre.  It was Abbott & Costello’s Hold that Ghost in 1941.  That same year, she appeared as the love interests for Lon Chaney Jr. in The Wolf Man.  She would then appear in Ghost of Frankenstein in 1942 and then Son of Dracula in 1943, all opposite Chaney Jr.  It’s been reported that even though they worked together quite often, they were not the best of friends.

She made over 50 movies in her short career of less than 15 years before she retired from the business.  She came back to make a few appearances in television, but it wasn’t that many.  In 1942, she had married actor Richard Denning, who also was well known making creature features.  She spent the rest of her life as a happily married housewife to Denning until her death in 1985, from ovarian cancer.

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