The Final Girls Soundtrack Review

Final Girl Soundtrack

The Final Girls
Released by Varèse Sarabande, 2015
28 Tracks with a total running time of 57 min.
Music Gregory James Jenkins

This is a strange one. Within the first 30 seconds first track Camp Bloodbath Trailer, we’re to think that this is a typical slasher from the 80s, with a wink to Friday the 13th’s famous “Ki-ki-ki-ki”. But right after that, we move into some music that I could only relate to maybe an 80s sitcom. I’m guessing that was what their plan was? But it is was, then Jenkins nailed it. In fact, a lot of this score is very reminiscent of that era.

And since this film is paying tribute to it, it makes perfect sense.
But there are also tracks that seem to step outside of the 80s slasher genre, with twinges of a European or Italian feel to it, like track #11 Intercuts. Then other tracks, like #5 Theater Fire, we get a very synth-based rhythm that once again is very dated, but effective.

I guess my only complaint is that I like the creepy elements and sounds like the old slasher films. When it gets a little too techno, then it kind of loses me. But I think that comes from more personal taste than whether it works in the film or not. But no matter what, Jenkins has shown his skill in creating a very purposely dated score, pulls no punches, and makes it work.

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