Horror History – Víctor Alcázar

alcazarAlso known to use the name Vic Winner, this Spanish actor is probably a very familiar face if you’ve watched more than a few Paul Naschy films.  Alcázar usually played the good guy, or at least someone that was caught up with the nasty things going on.  But he was always one of those recognizable faces in those great Spanish horror films of the 70s’.  His first real horror appearance was in 1973, which was a very busy year for him.  The first film noted in that year was It Happened At Nightmare Inn (aka A Candle for the Devil), co-starring Judy Geeson.  But then that same year, he would appear in FOUR films with Paul Naschy.  They were Horror Rises from the Tomb, Count Dracula’s Great Love, Hunchback of the Morgue, and Vengeance of the Zombies.

While his acting wasn’t that of legends, he was always good in the roles that he had.  And he is one face that you will see pop up in these Spanish horror films of that era, so it is only expected that we wouldn’t want to highlight him here.  That way the next time you’re watching HORROR RISES FROM THE TOMB with some friends, and Alcázar pops up on the screen, you can say “Hey…there’s Victor Alcázar!” and impress your friends!

One thought on “Horror History – Víctor Alcázar

  1. He was in eight-count ’em-eight films in 1973, which beats Michael Caine’s output in 1986 and 1987, when he was known as the guy who would take any role based on the location of the script!


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