Regression Soundtrack Review

regression soundtrack

Regression Soundtrack Review
Released by Lakeshore Records, 2015
21 Tracks with a total running time of 65 min.
Music by Roque Baños

There are some soundtracks that just burst forth seconds after they start, assaulting your ears with music and sound. Sometimes that approach works..sometimes it doesn’t. Then there are others that, like a careful thief in the dead of night, slowly creeps into your consciousness and starts to take root in your brain. Using mainly slow long cords, a piano note here and there, and the occasional angelic, haunting vocal sounds, Baños has created a score that can fully stand on its own, without the help of visual guidance from the movie.

Baños gives us a slow burn of a score here, that creeps into your ears. Not over the top sinister sounding, but unhurried and lingering in your head. In track # 3, John’s Regression, we hear the sound of a metronome, that I know has something to do with the movie, but even without knowing that, this sound device works well incorporated into the music track. The closing track, #21 It’s My Fault – End Credits, starts out slow and steady, like most of the score, but then the vocals start, with this beautiful and haunting sound. Like something from a church service, but more somber (if you can believe that) but still powerful and soothing. I just loved it.

Baños has created some great scores over the years, such as The Machinist and Fragile, and is one that I will be on the lookout for future projects.

One thought on “Regression Soundtrack Review

  1. Hi Jon,
    I totaly agree with you about the amazing 21st track “it’s my fault”. These vocals enchant you and take you on another dimension. it’s like the mermaid effect on the pirates :).
    I wish i could find more of this style of music (i’ll be happy to have some suggestions) and about the performer to listen more to her beautiful voice.
    Thanks a lot for your review.
    Maya 🙂


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