Greatpaint and Gore: The Hammer Monsters of Roy Ashton Book Review

greasepaint and gore

Greasepaint and Gore: The Hammer Monsters of Roy Ashton
Bruce Sachs and Russell Wall
Published by Tomahawk Press, 167 pages.

This is another one of those books that is a must for fans of Hammer films, especially for those who are interested in makeup effects.  Roy Ashton had created the look of some of Hammer’s most famous monsters.  Such as The Reptile, the walking dead from Plague of the Zombies, and Ollie Reed’s extraordinary makeup for Curse of the Werewolf. The book contains Ashton’s original sketches and monster designs that he did as he was working through the different concepts and how to pull them off. It also has tons of photos as well, as well as some interesting stories on how he did some of the work. It also has notes by the actors, directors and other people that he worked with on these films.

When one realizes what these artists from the ‘old days’ had to go through to get their job done, with the limited time, resources, and money, it is even more amazing at what they came up with. It really shows the sheer imagination and talent people like Ashton had. And this book really shows proves that.

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