Jaws 2 Soundtrack Review


Jaws 2
2-Disc Set Released by Intrada, 2015
Music Composed and Conducted by John Williams
Disc 1 – 29 tracks – 60:13 min
Disc 2 – 14 tracks – 41:35 min

Creating a sequel to one of the most successful blockbusters ever had to be tough. In fact, it was. The original director and script were canned, along with some of the cast, and the film put on hiatus until they could replace everything that was thrown out. It was finally finished, but everyone knew that there was no way it was going to come close to the original. All we could do was hope it would be good on its own. And the very same goes for this score.

Williams had created the audible sounds of terror when he composed the score for Jaws. So when it came to do the sequel, we figured he had to use the original theme in there somewhere, which it is used sparingly. But he tried to create the same kind of tension using faced paced cords, like in the first film, but with a different sound, which does work. But no matter how good this score is, it is hard not to be reminded of the first one. And it makes it even worse when parts of the original theme pop up, such as in track #14 Eddie’s Death. It starts out with the original theme but then quickly changes to a different up tempo sound. It still works, but it does make me miss the original music.

Since there is a lot of sailing going on in the film, there are a few tracks that really capture that feel of the excitement of being on the water, such as track #3 Sailing and track # 11 More Boating. These kind of tracks are then mixed with the more traditional cues that are more tension and action based, that while are different from the original, are still quite effective.

If you are a fan of this film, then you will be picking up this score. Not only are you getting the entire score, in the same sequence as the film, including several previously unreleased cues, followed by some alternate cues that were never used. The second disc is a re-mastered presentation of the original complete score from the 1978 MCA Record LP.

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