Gift of Knowledge…Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a little piece on some book recommendations that would make amazing gifts for the holidays, or any time really. But I have two more that would not only just blow away the person you are giving them to, but also are available once again the rare hardcover editions. Sure, these are not the first printings, but unless you want to pay two or three times the cost just to say you had one of the first, then these might be a little more affordable.

Both of these books come from the brilliant mind of Stephen Thrower and are published by FAB Press, who have always created such amazing pieces of readable art. The first one Thrower’s book on Lucio Fulci, entitled Beyond Terror: The Films of Lucio Fulci. This book is just amazing. Filled with incredible photos, tons of detail about the man and his films, it really is a must have for fans of Fulci and Italian horror. In the past, even a softcover edition of this book would go for $100. But now you can get a hardcover version for only $69.95 on Amazon. Click HERE.


The second title is Thrower’s Nightmare USA. Now this book is one muther of a book. To say this tome is packed full of information about some of the most obscure, bizarre, unforgettable titles out there, is the definition of understatement. This is a book that you can spend years going through, discovering information about films that you’ve only heard in passing, but now can damn near be an expert on them after reading Thrower’s thoughts. And again, softcover editions were going for around $75, but now for about $60, you can own a hardcover edition. Click HERE.


I can’t speak highly enough of these two books. So don’t waste time and order them now. And even if you’re done with your holiday shopping, then why not pick up copies for yourself!


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