Krampus Soundtrack Review

krampus CD

Released by Back Lot Music, 2015
27 Tracks with a total running time of 78 min.
Music by Douglas Pipes

Pipes had a tough job with this one. By combining traditional Christmas carols and tunes, but slightly twisting and mixing them with a little darkness to create the score for Michael Dougherty’s Krampus. And he did a splendid job.

There are some tracks that sound like something from a regular holiday movie, but then some of them turn down a sinister path, bringing the real horror of the holidays! This had to have been a tough job to keep the songs that we all know and are familiar with, but yet still be able to change it up a bit to fit in the context of the movie and I think Pipes does an admirable job here. Of course, my favorite of the score, is the End Credits song, which sounds just like the traditional carol, but once you get to the last part of it when you really listen to the lyrics. Then it is just brilliant!

As a score in itself, Pipes does an exceptional job of weaving in and out of both genres, a family holiday story as well as a very dark horror tale. Makes a wonderful score to listen to during the holidays!

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