Grindhouse Releasing Pieces Bluray


We all know the incredible job Grindhouse Releasing has done with their releases, putting more time and care into some of these cult movies that most people wouldn’t give two seconds to. And they are still add it, with this Blu-ray release of Juan Piquer Simón’s uber slasher flick Pieces. But this isn’t just the movie, but a 3-disc set with a plethora of extras. For those of you who picked up their special 2-dsic DVD set years ago, you will still want to add this edition to your collection. If you missed out on that one, now is your chance to redeem yourself!

This release has two complete versions of the film. he first one is the original US theatrical version, which is unrated, which is in English. But you also get the original uncensored director’s cut, which runs 3 minutes longer! This is in Spanish but with English subtitles, which are translated right from the spoken language. Both have new 4K transfers scanned from the original camera negative.

There are a few extras that are brought over from the previous release, such as the extensive interviews with director Simón and actor Paul Smith (which I found extremely entertaining and informative.


But with this release, there is also an all-new feature length documentary called 42nd Street Memories, with features interviews with such figures like Bill Lustig,  Larry Cohen, Frank Henenlotter, Buddy Giovinazzo, Jeff Lieberman, John Skipp, Lynn Lowry, Terry Levene, and many more names from the exploitation field. This should be one fun look back at a era that is sadly missed.


And lastly, to make it even more appeasing, there is a bonus CD disc of the film’s original soundtrack, which has been newly remastered from the original studio tapes.

As a special bonus for those first 3000 orders, you will get an actual jigsaw puzzle. No word on what it actually is, but I can only imagine. The price for this edition is only $27.00 and will be released at the end of February. Don’t wait and miss out. To place your order, head over to Diabolik DVD by clicking HERE.

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