Mystery Photo 12-7

If you didn’t get our last photo, or even have a clue, don’t feel bad. It seems we stumped most of you with that one. Which really is a good thing since it means that a lot of you just might have another movie to add to your “must see” list. The film is the 1972 Italian film Night of the Devils (aka La notte dei diavoli). It is a take off of the Wurdulak tale, like in Mario Bava’s Black Sabbath, and is one that I think is worth seeking out. Plus, it has a great score by Giorgio Gaslini!

We only had three correct answers sent in, which I have to give extra kudos to since this was a tough one. So a high praise goes out to Chris Kuchta, Mike Tutino, and Tom White. Well done, indeed!

So here is this week’s photo, which might be a bit more familiar than our last one. But can you remember which title it is from???

Remember, please don’t post your answer here, but send me an email at Good luck!


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