Remembing Those We’ve Lost…

They Will Be Missed, But Never Forgotten
remembering the dead1

I want to take a minute to remember the names and faces of those who left us throughout this last year. One of the things that I really love and admire about movie fans is that we are the ones that keep the memories alive of all of these people that have passed on over the years. We collect their movies, we watch them repeatedly over the years, and even pass the pleasure we get from them onto others. I guess it is our little way of keeping them alive. Because of the VHS, DVD, bluray, etc., their performances will be around for us, and many other future fans, to enjoy for many years to come, so they will be missed, but never forgotten.

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My Top Pics of 2015…Year in Review Part 3

Once again, my list of movies are ones that I have seen for the first time during this year, not necessarily ones that were released this year. But most of these films are only a year old and while they officially came out 2014, they didn’t get nationally available until this year. The other interesting thing to note is that most of these films, all but one in fact, are low budget independent films. Which is even more interesting since I tend to really dislike indie films because of lack of good acting, talent, or creativeness. But these showed me how wrong I was. Most of them didn’t really have any big name stars attached to it, or anybody famous for that matter. But that didn’t stop them from really making a strong impact on me.

So let’s get to them!

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“Can I get that 90 minutes back?” Year in Review…Part 2

opera eyes

Recently I read a comment online on why someone would waste time talking about films they didn’t like over the last year, like a Worst of the Year list (kind of like the one below), when we should be talking about ones we did like. In other words, positive posts instead of negative. I’d like to answer that, if I may, or at least put in my two cents

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2015 – Year in Review…Part 1

Another year down in the history books. Filled with the usual…good things, bad things, lost things, and plenty of things to keep this horror fan busy and able to remain passionate about the genre as ever.

Near the beginning of 2015, we went through another computer crash. It had been a few years since the last crash, so I guess we were due. But in getting a new one, that of course meant the inevitable upgrade to Windows 8 (and now 10). While most might think that is a good thing, for someone using an outdated software, like Front Page 2003, these newer systems just don’t like working with old programs. In fact, they refuse to. So once I had to upgrade to the new Windows 8, I was forced to make that decision that I knew had been coming for a few years. That was taking the Krypt to a new location/format. So back in February, we moved the Krypt to its new home, on this WordPress blog site. It was a big transition, one that we’re still making, but I think I it was the right one. We have been going strong here at the new site, with more updates than we used to with the old site. Sure, they are smaller postings, but hopefully just as entertaining.

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Mystery Photo 12-27

Since this will be our last Mystery Photo for 2015, I figured we’d make it a good one. You know…something to end the year on a bang! But before we get to the new one, lets review last week’s photo. It was of course, from the film Rare Exports, which is one of the best Christmas horror movies around. Congrats out to the following for sending in the correct answer: Hoby Abernathy, Cate Cameron, Robert Slendorn, Wayne Teeter, Coye Vega, AJ Wager, Matt Wedge, Kristin Wicks, and Greg Wojick. Well done!

Okay…enough of the celebrating…let us get down to business. Take a good look at this week’s photo and see what you can come up with. Might be a bit tough….or not. Good luck, either way.

And please remember not to post your answers here but send us an email to We want to give everyone else a chance too.


Horror History – Evelyn Ankers

ankersEvelyn Ankers
Born Aug. 17th, 1918 – Died Aug. 29th, 1985

Evelyn Ankers was the only actress to play opposite the main Universal monsters, Frankenstein’s creature, the Wolf Man, and Dracula (actually his Son).  She appeared in a few films in England in the ’30s before coming to the US and working for Universal.  Her first movie, even though a comedy, still hand its hands in the horror genre.  It was Abbott & Costello’s Hold that Ghost in 1941.  That same year, she appeared as the love interests for Lon Chaney Jr. in The Wolf Man.  She would then appear in Ghost of Frankenstein in 1942 and then Son of Dracula in 1943, all opposite Chaney Jr.  It’s been reported that even though they worked together quite often, they were not the best of friends.

She made over 50 movies in her short career of less than 15 years before she retired from the business.  She came back to make a few appearances in television, but it wasn’t that many.  In 1942, she had married actor Richard Denning, who also was well known making creature features.  She spent the rest of her life as a happily married housewife to Denning until her death in 1985, from ovarian cancer.